Bathing suits for under $30!

May 23, 2007



Ok, so I’ll be the first to admit that bathing suit shopping isn’t as glamorous as it may seen. Buying a bathing suit can require shelling out some serious bucks — It used to be impossible to get bathing suits for a good price. And even the ones from Victoria’s Secret that are priced low are made cheaply.

Well here’s a new idea. Old Navy has great bathing suits! This one shown above is under $30 bucks for BOTH pieces. And they have great colors and designs that you can mix and match.

Oh, and if you have some bathing suit tips or a great store that you’d like to recommend, let me know!


2 Responses to “Bathing suits for under $30!”

  1. horse luver Says:

    target and walmart…wal mart has bathing suit for 30 dollars(for both pieces) and they also have bottoms and tops for 6 bucks each…not sure if they are made well though…and kohld..i just got a bathing suit for about 30 dollars and its made pretty good…

  2. Code Says:

    Thats some great deal! Thanks.

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