Sheepskin flip flops….. hot or cold?

May 1, 2007


If you’re from the West Coast like myself, of just can’t get enough of flip flops, then Bonsai sandals could just be the pair for you. Why??? You can wear them year round! They are uber comfortable because of their sheepskin, yet they are casual and give your feet the freedom of a flip flop!


4 Responses to “Sheepskin flip flops….. hot or cold?”

  1. Carla Says:

    This looks very comfy!

  2. yeahright Says:

    very UNcomfortable, do NOT buy

  3. Shearling/sheepskin products like this are one of the cruelest products you can buy in regards to treatment of animals. It is made my killing young lambs and basically turning them inside out or the process of shearling, which where they cut the skin off a living sheep’s back with no anestesia, just to make these sandals. I own a whole closet of great sandals and no animals were tortured or killed to make them. Consider what you are buying.

  4. urbanupdater Says:

    I agree and not only are they cruel, they aren’t cute or comfortable. But more importantly, it’s torture for the animals at your expense! Thanks for the comment Mark!

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