It is a vinyl record or a bowl? It’s BOTH!

April 30, 2007


So if you are a lover of old school music formats and just can’t get enough of the vinyl record disk, now here is something that let’s you put your records to a good use. Here’s an idea, throw a disco party and fill the bowls with snacks! But beware, the bowls aren’t dishwasher safe.

And if you are feeling creative, here’s how to make them:

(courtesy of

What you will need: An old record, a oven safe bowl (no plastic!!, and a baking sheet.

1. Preheat oven to 200F. Place the bowl on the baking sheet and then put the record on top. Throw it in the oven.



 2. Leave it in the oven for only about 5 min and keep an eye on it to make sure it doesnt melt too much!!!


3. Pull it out of the oven and start to mold the bowl with your hands. If its easier, place the record inside the bowl for a quick mold. Make sure you do this VERY quickly as the vinyl will cool down quickly.


4. Let the bowl sit and fully harden for about 10 min, then you are ready to throw your party!


2 Responses to “It is a vinyl record or a bowl? It’s BOTH!”

  1. rangga Says:

    oh my god! this can’t be true! can we really use it — no, only for living rooms accessory right!?

  2. urbanupdater Says:

    You can definitely use this as more than just an accessory! Use it to hold fruit, chips, random knick knacks you might have laying around the house. This is a great and fun multi-purpose bowl!

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