How to find the perfect comfortable affordable boot!

April 23, 2007

I spent much of the last month scouring the streets of New York to find the perfect pair of boots, and weekend upon weekend I was left with the constant disappointment in finding nothing. Either that, or the boots were way too pricey.


Here are a few requirements that I wanted in my “perfect boot.”

1. The heel shouldn’t be too tall considering I will be walking around the city and want to be comfortable.

2. The toe shouldn’t be too pointy because pointy heels WILL go out of style, but then again it must not have a flat toe.

3. It needs to be tall enough to be able to wear them over jeans and consequently not too tight so that jeans can actually fit in them

Here are some solutions!:

1. I found my “perfect boot” at Urban Outfitters in their vintage collection. This mean that the shoe is not new (yes, it’s been worn), but maybe that’s better because you no longer have to wear them in! It also means that the shoe is one of a kind! Woohoo.. and they are also under $100.

2. Posh Girl Vintage is a site that offers fantastic vintage shoes and others cool things.

Happy Shoe Hunting!


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