Get the skinny on colored skinny jeans.

April 18, 2007


So, as you probably already can tell, colors are the new thing for the season. And not just any colors — bright, bold colors! But what do you think about colored jeans? I think it looks hideous! The only “colored” jeans that I’d wear are blue, black and grey… I’m not sure I understand the phenomena of fake 80’s colored jeans…


43 Responses to “Get the skinny on colored skinny jeans.”

  1. Jerryka Says:

    i FxCkn love them.

  2. Iz Says:

    I LOVE THEM!! I always thought they would be a bit wierd but I saw some on sale and thought “what the hell”. Now whenever I wear them I get millions of compliments! I can wear them with basically anything too, just like normal jeans! They’re AMAZING!

  3. Amanda Says:


  4. ANGELA Says:

    I like them.
    I have ones exactly the same as those green/blue ones.

  5. PonoNanea Says:

    Yes I love these pants. We always use them on our show. I think the red ones are so cute. Not to bright but just right.:)

  6. Kassidy Says:

    I effin love the colored jeans… i have red and purple!!! i cant wait to get more!!! =D

  7. Missa Goulding Says:

    I love these!! i have pink and red! they rule! I wear uim everywhere and everyone at school loved um!

  8. ILUVskinnyjeans Says:

    I love skinny JEans!!!
    I have BRIGHT blue ones from abercrombie…
    and grey ones tooo from there

  9. cheyenne Says:

    ilove skinny jeans, i have like 12.

  10. joe la mo Says:

    everyone made fun of me for wearing skinnies last eyear, they were like “omg you wear guy jeans”
    but i didnt see what was wrong… now everyvbody wears them…

    but the only colored ones i can ever find are blue or red and i want BRIGHT.

  11. fer sure; =) Says:

    omfg. =)

    i fxcking love themmmm; there hottttt!
    im like the only person at my school who wears themm,
    but thats okay because i like it that wayyy, =P……?!

  12. Nikki Says:


  13. Maddie Says:


    U can get SUPER cheap Skinny Jeans and all types of jeans @ the store: 579…it is @ the Great Mall. That where I get most of my jeans.

    There is also Hollister/abercrombie

    but there kinda pricey

  14. amiley Says:

    are they still in fashoion?

  15. amiley Says:


  16. urbanupdater Says:

    heck yea! skinny jeans are not only stylish, they are super comfortable and go with pretty much any outfit. That is… the regular jean color. But why not spice up your wardrobe with bright colors also?

  17. kate Says:

    omg! i love them! problem is,, i cant find anywhere to get them ! i want light pink! mail me if you know where to get them cheap!!??@?? please!

  18. sherah Says:

    i love colored skinnies. i have 3 pairs… green, pink and red. i’m going buy purple and yellow next!

  19. mushiii Says:

    omg!!!! i so want one of those but i cant find in egypt plz sand me if u know where to buy i want yellow and red

  20. mandy Says:

    I LOVE THESE JEANS!!! everyone at my school wears them, girls and guys. it is super sweet! i can’t live without them!!!!

  21. patricia Says:

    where can you get super cheap skinny jeans?
    colored, too

  22. paramoremady Says:

    i love hayley williams & wanna look just like her!

  23. jennbby Says:

    i want these..
    they remind me of massonnn!!
    (the red ones)
    i love mason.

  24. lacey Says:

    can i still wear colored skinny jeans or have they gone out of style? i have yellow.

  25. halml Says:

    i bought some bright green skinny jeans reasentaly dont know what to wear with them so now i dont wont them any more what should i do!

  26. Danielle Says:

    i love dem i have loadz i ave blue,green,yellow,pink,purple,orange,black,red nd white ps halml i just wear mine wit babyshams or i own these type of shoes dat luk animal wit dem nd u cn wear any top i usually wear a nice t-shirt wit a tracksuit jacket it luks gorgxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  27. Kendra Says:

    I really want orange, yellow, and bright green skinny jeans but i am broke! i only want to spend 10 bucks on one pair and all of the jeans dont look like they are ment to be skinny jeans on me cuz i am already to skinny. i go to zumies for a tight fit but if you r thinking price wise i would just stick with ebay or kohls! Peace! if you have any ideas of where to look for extra skinny and cheap, email me. the jeans are too long and i have to put them in my shoes and they get all bundled. so i usually fold them up and it looks effin hot!

  28. Snow_Cookie Says:

    Wow! These jeans are amazing. I love the bright colors, they are so unique and different. I recently dove right into the trend and bought 8 pairs of colored skinnys: green, yellow, pink, bright blue, white, orange, red, and purple. Usually I pear them with a solid colored V-neck and a pair of ballet flats or neon dc’s. I always stand out and get a ton of compliments!

  29. sweety_cheeky_cherries Says:

    heya!! i rly, rly luv these jeans!!!!! they r so flippin hott!!! but i hav a pretty tight budget so i dont want 2 spend more than 30,or 40 bucks on em. allso i am skinny so i need them 2 be SUPER skinny for them 2 actually look skinny on me. coloured or not coloured i dont rly care bcuz i luv em both, but if some1 knows where 2 get some jeans like this plz rite bak or mail me.Peace out!!!=D

  30. Krystal Says:


    Well I was wondering if any one knew a good place where I can get Skinny jeans.Im 14 and i buy everything with my own money.I only make $30 dollars a week and i have to pay my phone bill.I want a few really cute pairs for like the most ….. $17 .
    I live in Bridgeport Ct.The only places I know of That are cheapesr is bella in trumball mall. But there pricey too..Any suggestions!?!?!

  31. PUnKpRInCesS16 Says:

    I ADORE my skinnies. i got them at pac sun and hot topic….
    i have them in…..
    burnt orange and neon orange
    yellow and mustard
    kelly green, neon green, and seafoam green
    baby blue, cobalt blue, teal, and denim color
    lilac and plum
    3 pairs of dark denim
    and white

    all in all, 21 pairs! (but thats because they are 2 for 55 dollars!)

    i know i might seem a BIT obssesive, but these are the only paints i own!!! so.. yeah! GO TO PAC SUN NOW TO GET YOUR SICK_NASTY SKINNIE JEANS!

    (-<) ❤ 🙂
    peace, love, happiness


  32. Brianna Says:

    i have purple and bright orange! i got both at wet seal, right now theres a sale for 15 bux! wet seal has awesome stuff, and for cheap too!

  33. Diana Says:


    okay so colored jeans are AMAZINNNGG and i reeeally want light pink and tuquoise!

    I already have bright orange, but i dont know what to wear with them… everything looks tacky

  34. samantha dodwell Says:

    i L.O.V.E the skinny jeans so far i have red ones purple ones blue one and babt blue ones they are so funn!!! and they can get you comments from almost EVERYONE!!!!! WHOEVER INVENTED THESE THERE SO AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. taylor r (bka mz.tink, pink cherry, tay, pop rox, nd powerpuff!!!) Says:

    I lub skinniez soo much!!! whenever i go shoppin mii parentz r lyke tryna show me all these bootcut nd flare jeanz nd i only gt skinniez. 4 now i only hav regular denim onez nd purple but i found a site where dey sale colorful skinniez 4 lyke under $20!!! SKINNY JEANZ ROX!!!

  36. taylor r (bka mz.tink, pink cherry, tay, pop rox, nd powerpuff!!!) Says:

    btw da site iz called!!!

  37. Lindsey Says:

    Check out for a ton of skinny jeans on sale (and in every color!)

  38. markmartinez2 Says:

    Me too, can’t dig the fake 80’s colored jeans… I’m in for the classic colors, dark black, blue and probably greyish.
    Mark Martinez,
    Testing out hypergain like the energizer bunny

  39. Alisha Says:

    i luv neon skinny jeans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I going to buy some :)SMILE:) 😦 DONT FROWN:(

  40. keshawn Says:

    i adore my skinnies i got them in all colors i them in
    purple red orange
    yellow gray blck
    blue pink green lime green nd rainbow too nd alot of ripped onez

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