How to be a model.

March 25, 2007


My first reaction to this book was, “Wow they made an entire book on how to not eat. Incredible” (***sarcasm***). To my suprise Roshumba actually shows you how to create a portfolio, break into the modeling business, how to dress like to pro and of course, apply makeup.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Being A Model has some substance and its sitting on my desk at work, so while I eat my hamburger at lunch, I can learn how to walk the catwalk!!!


2 Responses to “How to be a model.”

  1. Ian Says:

    Right Said Fred would be proud. Although they were not too sexy for the shirts they wore, but they knew how to talk the talk.

    That counts for something, right?

  2. rebecca Says:

    i was actually dropped by my modeling agency for being too underweight. i had had anorexia nervosa for quite a few years (since age nine actually), but the disorder was not very noticeable (weight-wise, i mean) until ~5 years into it.

    so yeah… models are not anorexic. rather, they are tall and lanky- naturally.

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