Style Icon: Rachel Bilson

March 24, 2007


I think we can all agree that Rachel Bilson’s got great style and generally looks fabulous in anything she puts on. I’ve compiled a few articles of clothing to mimic the ever so fabulous Rachel Bilson look!


Long cardigan sweater from…$59.50


Levis cut off 501 boyshorts available at Urban Outfitters…$68.00


9 Responses to “Style Icon: Rachel Bilson”

  1. Ian Says:

    Those boy shorts aren’t the slightest bit flattering. I hate mashing up bad retro trends. Sigh.

  2. tuzina Says:

    Today I wrote an article on my blog about her urban style!I really love the way she dresses!

  3. CC Says:

    You know where I can find the shoes that she bring in that photo?

  4. vv Says:

    I love her outfit..
    halla…hallering backk att yall !/…onk onk

  5. ijo Says:

    Her shoes are Chloe Mary-Janes with velcro straps.

    Retail: $650.00

  6. helamã Says:

    I love you Rachel Bilson

  7. rachel Says:

    Rachel Bilson is awesome. I love every outfit of hers!

  8. Jodi Pond Says:

    Rachel is great!

  9. mac brushes Says:

    I love Rachel’s skinny body and she looks fabulously sexy in that simple outfit. A beautiful, no matter what they wear, as long as they can carry it, they will always stand out of the crowd.

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