Kirsten Dunst looks like a vampire.

March 24, 2007


Kirsten Dunst has been known to play vampires in movies, but little did we know that she likes to look like a vampire in her spare time as well. Hell, she likes to look like a vampire while modeling on the cover of W magazine. Quick, someone get me a wooden stake!!! What happened to the quality control on such a high fashion magazine like this one? And how did this bad fashion misshape happen? Her hair is hideous, her skin is practically see through and I won’t even get into her makeup. Does anyone else think this is a total disaster????


13 Responses to “Kirsten Dunst looks like a vampire.”

  1. mattgunn Says:

    Kirsten is not an attractive woman.


  2. Ian Says:

    She’s attractive in some things, but definitely not this magazine cover.

  3. Caitlin Says:

    Wow. I think she looks really good in this picture, actually.

    She looks better in this picture than all the other ones I’ve seen.

  4. Gabbie Says:

    I don’t think she really looks like a vampire- but Its not a flattering picture. (vampires are supposedly god-like creatures who arouse sexual desire in everyone…..shes just not doing that…so shes no vampire.)

  5. Monique Says:

    she looks gorgeous. You guys need to get lives

  6. Scotty Says:

    I agree w/ Monique. I think she looks fabulous!

  7. Sonia Says:

    damn you’re crazy,she looks beautiful,her skin is so pale and perfect,her make up is good,she has beautiful blue eyes and her lips are so delicate and nice,she has got a classic beauty you need to get a life,have you ever seen a real ugly girl?

  8. urbanupdater Says:

    i guess you’re right. I’ve lived in LA and NY and there really aren’t any ugly girls in those places!

    • rebecca Says:

      i live in new york, and i disagree. new york girls tend to be pretty hot depending on what area you’re in, but LA is full of ugly ones.

  9. rebecca Says:

    are you kidding? she looks beautiful and her naturally fair skin is lovely.

  10. jazz Says:

    she soooooooooooooo dosen’t look like a vampire and is ugly. I lthink she looks like she’s in her late 30’s.

  11. Sarah Says:

    Brutal commentary by the way…you might want to revise some things…

    but as for Kirsten, stylistically she is following the trends. The ethereal nature of the photo is meant to look other worldly, hence the play-up of her porcelain skin, with soft hair and natural make-up. You claim to be a style critique but I can say you really don’t know your back ground work. Take a glance the Christian Dior Haute Couture line for spring 2010. Fashion can follow fads just like pop culture “vampires, twilight” etc…

    do some research first.

  12. anonymous Says:

    gosh you really are rude and i can’t believe you are 26 yrs old! Please ask like your age and gain some maturity! And stop judging people!!

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