High Waisted Pants are ugly.

March 15, 2007


Someone call the fashion police. I’m serious. Major designers are playing a joke on the innocent fashion hungry people; they are telling them that high – waisted pants are in style. We’ll let me be honest with you. High waisted pants didn’t look good in the 80’s and most definitely DON’T look good now. I don’t care if you’re 5’8″ and weigh a mere 115lbs, you still look fat in these pants.

No one should have to suffer and waste their money on this ugly trend. Spend your money one something else more worthwhile — hell, treat yourself to a tall nonfat, no sugar added, with soy, vanilla latte. At least you won’t become a fashion victim.  


15 Responses to “High Waisted Pants are ugly.”

  1. LEANN Says:

    Where can I buy these? I love them! Please let me know!

  2. Katie Says:

    I love these pants, they do look good on some people. Maybe you’re just jealous because you look fat in them.

  3. Carol Says:

    That’s exactly why America is filled with young girls bsessing about their weight and vomitting and cutting themselves. It is because people like you say that the woman in the picture above looks fat. She looks great. I admit that high-waisted pants don’t flatter everyone’s body, but they do look good on a lot of people. And what’s wrong with looking a little bigger than 85 pounds anyway?

  4. miund Says:

    Thank you! Finally somebody who hates this trend as much as I do. It’s not about looking fat in them. It’s about personal taste. And yeah, I ain’t being jealous because I look so fine in my hipsters. 😀

  5. fawn Says:

    I don’t like the pants falling off at the knees look and muffin top looks awful. Bring it on

  6. April Says:

    I love that high waisted pants are back although I’m having a hard time finding them in stores (in Toronto). I’m tired of seeing so many women in hipsters and the ever-present “low rise” that seems to flatter muffin tops, sickly protruding pelvic bones, and girlie curlies down under! I personally find that hipsters and low rises, especially for wide leg and trouser styles, to make women look shorter or appear to have stumpy legs and long torsos. Pants/jeans that fit at the waist or above tend to make legs look longer and tucks everything in!

  7. Amy Says:

    I’m not a lover of high waisted pants but whenever i saw my mother wearing it i’m always in an awe. She look so fabulous in her 50’s wearing a high waisted pants. 🙂

  8. rebecca Says:

    actually, high-waisted pants are more slimming than those which begin at the hip: they give women actual waists and more feminine hourglass shapes.

    additionally, i’d like to point out that eating disorders are mind diseases- not body image issues. certainly they seem superficial to those who have never experienced them, but i have struggled with anorexia nervosa for about seven years and from both personal experience and my experiences in therapy groups/inpatient facilities i have learned that any form of slow suicide is not a fashion-spawned quest to look “good.”

  9. Rose Says:

    HEY!High waisted pants were NOT in style in the 1980’s it was the 1970’s if you are gonna be a fashion adviser get your era straight

  10. Sabina Says:

    I can not believe that you feel high waisted pants are a mis guided fashion trend! They most certainly are not, though I suppose we are all open to our own opinions. The 1970’s coined many popular pants including the jump suit, another elongating and flattering piece. I have friends of all body sizes and shapes and they look equally fabulous in this look because it really cuts the waist at a nice area and the flare leg makes the waist appear small. Low rise pants have been the real misfortune. If anything they are a blessing. I think you should reconsider this look. It is a classic and is likely to resurface in future generations of fashion forwards like the mens watch or tweed blazer. Staples aren’t created for those to ridicule, embrace it.

    • urbanupdater Says:

      First off, we are not in the 70’s. Platforms were in then and not now, same for discos and high waisted pants. It may have been the style back then, but not now. Second off, not everyone looks good in a jumpsuit. I look horrible in one. And I don’t think that this is a staple. A staple is a black dress, traditional suit, etc. Thanks for commenting though, i appreciate it!

  11. Stacey Says:

    Oh C’mon..as if skinny jeans and leggings look good on everyone? Those horrible creations are the worst thing to ever hit the fashion industry. High waisted pants can flatter or do just the opposite depending on the wearer.

  12. Rachell Says:

    I think dresses are wayyy better than pants all together. Did you know that wearing a dress gives a girl more self esteem than pants do?

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