New York bargains!

March 12, 2007


If you’ve been around the city a few times, you may know where to shop for great deals. For me, it’s usually the thrift stores or Broadway in Soho. Yes, there are the occasional boutiques that sell white T-shirts for 100 bucks, but if you are down in that general area, you should hit up Mystique. Great, cheap clothes.

I purchased the green dress for $25.00… then I saw practically the same thing at another store for $88 bucks!!!! So, yes, it does pay to shop around!!! Literally.


2 Responses to “New York bargains!”

  1. Ian Says:

    You could always take the cheapest route, borrow some patterns from a friend, buy the fabric of your choice, and sew your own clothing. You can pretty much purchase a pattern for everything, from trendy to not, and make them fit your form perfectly.

    And for dresses, it’s a hell of a lot easier. I can’t say the same thing for jeans or pants, or even t-shirts, because sewing the inseams and corners, is not a very easy task. Unless you’re a pro of course.

  2. Scotty Says:


    Where is Mystique? I love this dress.

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