Eco – Friendly Trends!

March 6, 2007


Doesn’t it feel nice to help the environment?


Totally Bamboo

Bamboo is the new wood. Here are just some of the eco – friendly qualities of bamboo and why you should use it. First off, its a 100% renewable resource, its harder and denser than most hard wood (16% harder than maple, to be exact), after harvesting, bamboo grows back and can be re – harvested every 4.5 years (Most hardwood takes 30 – 60 years per cycle). So do the world a favor, do bamboo!



Soy candles are way better than regular wax candles. Why? First off, they are clean burning, so no more black residue and less pollutants contaminating the air. They last about 50% longer than wax candles because they burn at a lower temperature, they burn completely so you don’t waste any of the wax, and last but not least, if they spill, you can clean up with soap and water.


One Response to “Eco – Friendly Trends!”

  1. Ian Says:

    I’ve always been obsessed with bamboo, and when I have a house of my own, I will be growing it in my back yard.

    Soy candles? Hmm. I’ll have to look into those.

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