The UK’s best kept secret….

March 5, 2007


Years ago when I’d visit my relatives in London, I’d look forward to hit the streets of London and get my shop on. I’d hit up stores like Top Shop, Selfridges and of course, H&M. I’d come back to LA as the best dressed fashion victim around. And now, H&M is all over the place in the US.

This weekend, I could not escape H&M. It haunted me on every block I walked on. If you’ve never been to an H&M, stop reading my blog now and GO. But of course you’ve been to one — unless of course you live in Antartica. They have the best clothes for work, hanging out and all around ANYTHING, and they are sold at a cheap price. Though this is one of my new favorite store, and its not my best kept secret anymore!


2 Responses to “The UK’s best kept secret….”

  1. Ian Says:

    H&M has always been a great store for following trends, and of course, low prices. The quality of the clothing is pretty poor though, and it makes me wonder how it’s all manufactured.

    I’m not one to complain about labor issues, but this definitely makes me curious.

  2. Alessa Says:

    I just don’t know about H&M. I finally went to one (the LA one in the Beverly Center) and I was not very impressed. It was packed with rude people and the quality of clothing was a lot worse than I thought. I think the way it is depicted on What Not to Wear gave me high expectations.

    I did find 2 cute shirts for $13 & $20…but still…

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