Furry hats… who said this was cool??

March 2, 2007


As I walk along the streets of the oh – so – trendy and fashionable New York City, I am floored by the amount of people I see wearing these hats. Yes, I admit, its cold outside. It’s damn cold. And if that the ONLY reason people wear this, then I guess… I guess.. that’s ok. But no, I think its because someone told them this looks good. Let me set the record straight. This does NOT look good and is NOT a trend. So do not be fooled by those people who are trying to make this happen. Don’t you agree???

And the only reason why the picture of the baby is so cute is because the baby himself is cute.


2 Responses to “Furry hats… who said this was cool??”

  1. Ian Says:

    The only reason these would ever be fashionable, is if Soviet Russia invaded the fashion world and forced rat-hats upon us all. Even the baby looks like a fool. Although it’s probably a good idea for the baby to be wearing something such as that, being as it provides enough warmth to keep sickness away.

  2. Emma Says:

    everybody and their illegitimate love child has one of those hats these days. and it pisses me off. because they look like a cross of elmer fudd and a sad, trend-following fashion victim. mostly the latter.

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