Fashion Trend: Wide Trousers… Thank God.

March 1, 2007


The wide trousers are back this Spring season. Lucky for us. I hate the fact that guys can always get away with wearing comfortable loose fitting pants. Well guess what… so can we! Gap as well as other major companies have started manufacturing wide fitting trousers! Now this is a trend that I will happily embrace!


3 Responses to “Fashion Trend: Wide Trousers… Thank God.”

  1. Ian Says:

    Loose pants? What will these crazy trend forecaster’s come up with next? I think everyone should wear something in between… not too loose, not too baggy. Just right.

    Tight pants suck, baggy pants suck. Just regular fitting pants please. KTHX.

    Also, I hate the current state of men’s fashion, even though this is an unrelated post.

  2. geppebba Says:

    Yeah, that`s what I say bigballsneedroom –
    and it`s a very old tradition because men like form follows function

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