Pillow fights aren’t just for kids!

February 26, 2007



(pictures courtesy of www.Ianjenkins.net)

This weekend in Union Square, I witnessed the biggest pillow fight ever. Well maybe not ever, but it could be up in the runnings. I mean seriously, who still pillow fights? Apparently hundreds of people!!! For over an hour, I watched as people pummeled each other with pillows, feathers flying everywhere and some people even came out bruised and bleeding. Not to mention the clothing and outfits that were worn to this event – Winnie the Poo costumes, Superman, guys in underwear, etc etc.

Here are some memorable quotes from this Saturday:

Woman 1: Can someone just get a concussion already so we can stop this and go eat?

Woman 2: Well as long as its not one of our kids with the concussion.

Woman 1: No, they’ll probably be the ones giving other kids the concussion.

Guy (frantically running out of crowd): LET ME OUT OF HERE, I’m allergic to down!!!!


One Response to “Pillow fights aren’t just for kids!”

  1. Ian Says:

    It was amazing and you loved it. Good work.

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