Are aviators cool?

February 23, 2007


I think so. I have 2 pairs of aviators and I love ’em. I never said I looked good in them but I just love the way they fit and better yet, they are so dark that no one can see my eyes, hehe.

But then I have to ask, is it all about the look? My roommates just bought a pair of “aviators” but not the standard ones… you know, the girly ones. (Excuse me, but what’s the point in buying them if you aren’t gonna buy the real thing?) Do looks matter that much? I know.. I write a fashion blog and fashion is everything, but I feel like for some things you just gotta have the right attitude and confidence to wear it. Who cares what you look like…. you can look like a badass wearing a freakin’ birthday hat as long as you have the right attitude.

Am I right? Or am I completely wrong?


One Response to “Are aviators cool?”

  1. Ian Says:

    As long as they aren’t ski goggles or something like this current trend in women’s glasses:

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