Nea Jewelry… so elegant, so beautiful!

January 16, 2007


One of our readers suggested I take a look at her handmade jewelry line and I was pleasantly suprised! The line is called Nea and its all handmade in Montreal, Canada. And you know, I love handmade stuff because no 2 pieces are alike.

I browsed their site, which features beautiful and unique earrings, pins, necklaces and more, in tons of different colors, styles and stones, and picked three of my favorite. But to tell you the truth ALL the pieces are so edgy and different from what you find in stores, it was like a breath of fresh air to see this stuff! I instantly fell in love with this jewelry. Its great to dress up a plain outfit and I can guarantee you’d have someone stop you on the street if you wore one of these. You can check out the website … and be sure to tell them who sent you!

Thanks Janick for the tip!


2 Responses to “Nea Jewelry… so elegant, so beautiful!”

  1. Jennifer B. Says:

    Hmmm although I didn’t like the stuff initially i’m glad i stuck around and browsed her website. I’ll be putting my order in as soon as I get home. Good find! I’ll be back to check on future updates!

  2. Janick Says:

    Thank you so much for the great GREAT post Lindsey!! I really appreciate your nice comments and support!! 🙂

    Jennifer, that’s great!! Can’t wait to see what you loved in my shop! 🙂

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