Get a T-Shirt subscription!

January 16, 2007


Here’s how it works: You buy a subscription (for 3, 6 or 9 months) and every month, Mailbox Tees will mail you a super stylish, comfy, quality shirt designed by a unique talented artist. (these are limited shirts!!)

Do it for the cause: For each shirt that you receive, Mailbox tees will donate 5 bucks to a social justice event which they choose monthly.

What you’ll also get: With every subscription, you receive info on the artist, with this inspiration for and the story behind the design.

Why you should do this: Its way cooler than getting a magazine every month.. and for the great cause.. (obviously!)

(and a quick shout out to T-Shirt Island for blogging this first!)


3 Responses to “Get a T-Shirt subscription!”

  1. Rangga Says:

    thanks for dropping by Lindz, and for the “kudos” too. It’s great to see you like this new kind of shopping model — if there some more people like this subscription-based shopping experience, will this be a new invention of 2007? who knows? =)

    psst.. I added your site to my link list

  2. rangga Says:

    oops I gave a wrong link to my website, it should be

  3. Kaipo Says:

    It’s working. People are taking that leap of faith. Subscriptions are increasing and it’s a lot of fun.

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