Urban Outfitters: Hipster or just convenience?

January 15, 2007


This weekend, I got to thinking about Urban Outfitters. Why do people shop there? And what’s so great about Urban Outfitters?

Maybe its convenience. If you are a hipster (or wanna be one) and live in the middle of nowhere, its hard to access thrift stores and vintage clothing stores to create your own sense of style, but you can pretty much bet that there’s an Urban Outfitters right around the corner from your house (They’re pretty much everywhere).

Maybe its really just because you don’t have a sense of style. Now, not only is it convenient for you, but if you have no sense of style, you can go in, pick a few items, and waaahhh laaah – you are now a fashionista (or at least look like one). I mean, if you were really fashionable you could go to the local thift store, throw down a few bucks, and buy some clothes for cheaper (as long as you have the eye to pick out the diamonds in the rough)…Because really, Urban Outfitters is just a bunch of vintage looking clothes, packaged and sold to the (maybe unfashionable) as a convenient way to make a few bucks (its not that cheap!).

Maybe you just like it. (..and you don’t care what anyone else thinks!) You could go buy something at a thift store, but maybe you really do like Urban Outfitters clothing! (like myself!!!).

So what’s your story? Why do you shop there?

When it comes down to it, it is really the actual clothes and style that lures us or is it just convenience?


2 Responses to “Urban Outfitters: Hipster or just convenience?”

  1. Allyssia Says:

    Brilliant post! This totally made my day. Before reading this, I could never understand why any one in their right mind would shop there. Thank you for opening my eyes and bringing me to the light!

  2. […] of course. You can style yourself up in anyway you want, but you’ll still look a certain way. Hipster I guess. They provide colorful fixed gear bikes and make you feel instantly conscious of the […]

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