Time to buckle up: Its Game ON!

December 1, 2006


There are a few blogs that I frequent from time to time – Engadget being one of them. Though I’m not a huge tech savvy person, I thought this blog written by Paul Miller about NES Advantage belt buckle was fantastic so you can check it out here. However, I picked this buckle because I absolutely love the original Nintendo, I mean.. who doesn’t?

This NES Buckle is a must own for any old school Nintendo fan. It didn’t let you down when you went up againt Bowser, and it won’t let you down now that it’s holding up your pants. Bonds like this are hard to find. The NES Buckle is made from a real, genuine NES controller. The buckle is available for $30.


One Response to “Time to buckle up: Its Game ON!”

  1. Rusty Says:

    what a classic stocking stuffer…

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