Everything is better with SKULLS!!!

November 20, 2006

I love skulls. And I love this skull shirt. I’m not sure if it’s because you look like a bad ass rockstar wearing it or because it just looks really really cool. The consensus is in, folks: Skulls are the new argyle!!!


4 Responses to “Everything is better with SKULLS!!!”

  1. mary Says:

    what about the new hobo chic look?

    Everyone’s wearing the carpetbagger look. It’s all the rage in Brooklyn. And everyone knows that the (bad, but insanely popular) trends come from BROOKLYN!

  2. LEON Says:

    good stuff urban updater..keep up the great work..it’d be awesome if you did some guy clothes too

  3. Ellen Says:

    I just bought a skull shirt in Vegas. It reminded me of the wild and crazy times I had at the night clubs there. Skulls are no longer for the gothic crowd; they express a daring personality and a sense of curiosity. If you are unpredictable, if your friends never know what you are going to do next, the skull shirt is definitely for you. I reccommend masking your type A personality and bring out your edgy side by owning a garmet like this.

  4. […] Remember when I said Skulls are the new Argyle? Well, I lied a little…. because Argyle is obviously still rockin’ the style of our generation. I especially love this one because the colors fit so well together. This sweater, called the Fred Perry Front Argyle V Neck Sweater is available only online at Urban Outfitters. […]

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